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View history of your false alarm incidents
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Submit payment for your permit renewal
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if your alarm system is no longer active or you are no longer at the permitted location, please notify our office via fax or email.
alarm permits are non-transferable and a new permit is required for the new location.
changes to emergency contacts can be made through our office via fax or email. please remember that it is imperative to have up to date emergency contacts on record.
it is imperative to return your renewal payment prior to september 30th in order to avoid a late fee of $26.50
a police response to an alarm system where the permit has expired will result in an $82.50 renewal fee, plus a $161.00 fine for a total of $243.50
Alarm Unit Contact Information
In Person Mail Address
Miami Police Department Department of Police
Alarm Ordinance Unit Alarm Unit
400 NW 2 Avenue, #208 P.O. Box 016777
Miami, FL 33128 Miami, FL 33101
Voice (305) 603-6488
Fax (305) 579-6673
Email BurglarAlarms@miamigov.com